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Yesterday, 10:56 AM

Posted by Tricky The Clown in Oats




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Redirect Bug

Yesterday, 04:24 AM

Posted by DragonLight in Suggestions

The url4short redirect I finally got rid of. That sucker was hard as hell to track down. Around Xmas there was an exploit in some software that a lot of boards use (not just IPB), basically it injected some code into our xmas banner image, and called up the code from a hash embedded in the skin and executed it which told folks browsers to redirect. It was hard to diagnose because apparently it only called up the redirect again after 10 hours or so (apparently) had passed. My hats off to whoever designed that little system, it was fairly well executed and hidden.


I just tried it on IE, Firefix, and Chrome after I removed the infected files and reloaded the websites global cache and none of them had the issue pop up using google to come here.


You guys shouldn't see it again, if you do let me know. But hopefully will never see that nasty bugger again.

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Cartoon Horse Program

Yesterday, 12:25 AM

Posted by Dinky in Oats


All Horses Cannot Operate Automobiles :hurrr:

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