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Rate The Song

Today, 01:08 AM

Posted by AaronMk in Music

So flipping through Oats and here I don't think I've seen a thread like this, so I'll do the honors and throw this out.


Rules are simple: rate the song from the post above you, give a reason why if you want to be cool. Post a song yourself. That gets rated, cycle continues until thread death.


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Hey There!

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

Posted by C.T.R.Lee in Introductions

Hi! My name's C.T.R.Lee, and I am a 20 years old university student from Hong Kong who is now studying in Canada. Yep. I am just your typical Asian guy, but bronies in Hong Kong are pretty rare, and I happened to be one of them. 


I happened to stumble upon this very server by luck when I was searching for a TF2 server to play on, and I am glad that I do because I became a brony this April. Asides from ponies and TF2, I am also a Sonic fan, as well as enjoying stuff like drawing (ponies,vehicles,Sonic), reading, and playing sports.


TF2 wise, I main Scout and Soldier, and occationally Medic if there are no one playing Medic.


My username is an acronym of my name in real life, while in steam it's the same, but I added Metal Sonic Rainboom at the end of it. It's just a word play on both of my favorite fandom (Metal Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Rainboom).


It's really a pleasure to meet all of you here! And if you want my Steam, feel free to message me. 

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Circle Of Abstract Ritual

Yesterday, 10:02 PM

Found this video today and it was pretty cool, so I thought I'd share. Fans of abstract art will probably enjoy this.




Not sure if this is the right place for this thread since the Videos subforum is listed under FiM and this isn't pony. :rariwhat:


From the video's description:


"This film took 300,000 photos, riots, wildfires, paintings in abandoned houses, two years and zero graphics to make. It changed my entire life.


Circle of Abstract Ritual began as an exploration of the idea that creation and destruction might be the same thing. The destruction end of that thought began in earnest when riots broke out in my neighborhood in Anaheim, California, 2012. I immediately climbed onto my landlord's roof without asking and began recording the unfolding events. The news agencies I contacted had no idea what to do with time lapse footage of riots, which was okay with me because I had been thinking about recontextualizing news as art for some time. After that I got the bug. I chased down wildfires, walked down storm drains on the L.A. River and found abandoned houses where I could set up elaborate optical illusion paintings. The illusion part of the paintings are not an end in themselves in my work. They're an intimation of things we can't physically detect; a way to get an ever so slight edge on the unknowable.


Early in the process I mapped out a very interconnected narrative structure. It took a long time to fill that narrative structure in, and when I finished editing the film after seven solid weeks of being holed up in a dark room I had no idea if it was something anyone would want to watch. I almost cut the film into pieces before realizing that outside influences were pressuring me to make that decision, and that I was happy with it as it was.


It took a long time to come to the creation side of the original premise. It finally took form in a collaboration with sculptor, Steve Shigley, as well as 15 amazing volunteers who moved full sized tree sculptures 450 times over two nights to create the stop motion climax of the film (see the behind the scenes film, Story of Abstract Ritual for the tale of their monumental effort:vimeo.com/frostjeff/soar).


The idea I wanted to explore was the creation of culture as a conscious creative act, but without the trappings of dogma from institutions or even from ways of thinking. The circle of inverted trees became a small piece of the world with personal meaning where I could mark significant events, contemplate and reflect. That circle still stands, and I still visit it regularly. Several people who have been there have told me that it's come to mean something special for them as well. They each have their own fascinating way of interpreting the power inherent in those trees.


This film is art for the sake of art. It was made with much generosity, from the people who let me crash on their couches to the people who backed the Kickstarter to people who just wanted to pitch in: thank you. This would not have been possible without your help."

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