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Hasbro And Discovery To Terminate Partnership Over The Hub

Today, 05:21 PM

Posted by AaronMk in MLP:FIM General



Starting at the end of the Fourth Quarter Hasbro and Discovery will terminate their joint partnership over The Hub and legal ownership will fully transfer to Discovery Network. Hasbro will hold a great deal of influence over the network, but this will ween in the years after with the possibility of new networks hosting Hasbro IPs arising when The Hub can not otherwise - or will not - continue airing Hasbro's IPs. This may mark a transition of Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers, or Pony to networks like Cartoon Network.


I'd link to the /mlp/ thread on this to show the discussion at hand about the future. But I'm not familiar with the kosher nature of doing so. Even if the thread in question is tame as horseapple with just a lot of invocation of "It's Habbening".


But on a serious note: I can't see much happening outside of a new network and time slot. And to a network I don't think I even have. So I'll still have to get my pony online. MLP - and other IPs - being Hasbro will mean they should still maintain the same writers, artists, and studio as before. We'll just need to go somewhere else. The only scariest thing we may need to fear is someone like Cartoon Network's legal machine enforcing trademark. But who know, the future in a little murky.



That is provided they don't feel like cutting off their biggest ratings source. The rest of The Hub is reruns of shows from the 90's and early 2000's. MLP is its only real worth along with a bunch of other Hasbro IP's. So we're down to the bidding block for contracts now.

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This Is Very Annoying.

Today, 10:41 AM

Posted by BadShot in Tech

Ok so I've been having a problem recently. Started whilist I was playing a game for no apparent reason. Seriously I was playing a game for atleast 2 hours and it started up.


Every 5 BUCKING MINUTES it says "Windows Explorer is restarting"


Not IE, the Desktop itself. It basically refreshes. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't CLOSE MY INTERNET BROWSER AND JUMP ME TO DESKTOP IF IM IN A GAME EVERY 5 MINUTES


As you can see it's very annoying. I've dusted my computer out, ran scans, etc. Still here. Any suggestions?

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