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Tree Of Savior

Today, 09:10 PM

Posted by Tornex in MMORPGs

From for the guy behind Ragnarok Online and Granado Espada, Kim Hakkyu, comes "Tree of Savior":


That graphic style looks familiar, don't you think?


More information in Tree of Savior developer's blog http://blog.treeofsavior.com/en/

Enjoy~  :happybonbon:

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Why Did You Choose Your Username?

Today, 08:55 PM

Posted by VictiniStar101 in Oats

I chose my username because Victini was the first event pokemon I have ever obtained, and I like the concept of a psychic-fire type pokemon.  The "Star" is from Victini's ability Victory Star, coincidentally Twilight's cutie mark is a Star (mind you I made this username two years ago, before I became a brony).  As for the 101, I forgot why I chose that.

Somewhat related is the fact that in my English class we wrote down our favorite number and why we chose that number, I chose 101.


Soo, why did you guys choose your usernames?

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Today, 08:41 PM

Posted by Bunglar in PC Games

So I've played this game a bit and I think it's real great. Super fun, this. As of now however I've only been able to play by myself or on a local network. Does anyone have a server or could they host one? I'd host, but I don't think my heap could take it. I think it'd be cool for us to try to cooperate to survive and fight back zombies... or fight back uncooperative players  :flail: DUN DUN DUN!!! I promise that if someone else starts a server I won't be THAT GUY. For a little while anyways  :smugtrixie:

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