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Survive The Night - Mandopony

Today, 08:37 AM

Posted by Yoxy in Music

We have another song inspired by the game Five Nights at Freddy's 2, this time by the the talented MandoPony.


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Diskette's Ultrared Market

Today, 07:08 AM

Posted by Diskette in Trading Shop

So recently, i've just discovered, that some TF2outpost trade offers Payday 2 for 3 mere TF2 keys. (which assuming it's 11 ref each...holy horseapple, dat economy), which according to my calculation, it almost falls under a normal -75% sale of buying the game, so instead of impatiently waiting for Christmas to come, i thought i'd approach it on a different way: Selling away most of my no-longer-in-use Strange items, and other valuable stuff i don't need anymore...but then i looked at the list i'm currently making, and decided i'll name my little Market: The UltraRed Market

I'll be using this conversion: 1 key = 10.77 ref (all prices will be according to backpack.tf's pricelist, although with a slight discount if anything special (like strange part) is applied to items. Please only offer the buyout)

  • S. Sniper Rifle + Headshot kills part: 3 ref + 5.44 ref = 8.44 ref
  • S. Shortstop: 1 ref
  • S. Force-a-Nature: 1.33 ref
  • S. Liberty Launcher: 1.66 ref
  • S. Persian Persuader: 0.33 ref
  • S. Rust BK. Medigun: 2.33 ref
  • S. Backburner: 2 ref
  • S. Knife: 2 ref
  • S. Equalizer: 0.22 ref

Other random stuff:

  • 3x Pristine Robot Currency Digester + 1x Brainstorm Bulb: 3x 0.66 ref (2 ref) + 0.66 ref = 2.66 ref
  • 2x Reinforced Robot Emotion Detector + 2x Humor Suppression Pump: (2x 0.11 ref (0,22 ref)) x2 = 0.44 ref
  • Deus Specs (Uncraft): 1.55 ref
  • Modest Pile of Hat (Uncraft): 1 ref
  • Color No. 216-190-216: 2 ref
  • Conscientious Objector (Clean): 0.33 ref
  • Milkman (Clean): 1.33 ref
  • Bird-Man of Aberdeen (Clean): 2.66 ref
  • Sole Saviors (Clean): 2.33 ref
  • Outdoorsman (Clean): 1.55 ref

UltraRed Market Status:

  • The Market currently holds 35.22 ref in value. (total of 35.22 ref)
  • 0.00 ref has been profited from purchases, plus loose scraps of 4.55 ref in the inventory, totaling to 4.55 ref, which gives the potentiality for 0 keys.
  • 0 keys has been collected, out of the maximum earnable 3 keys

At the end, if anyone wanna trade the refs i have into keys, it would be appreciative :D

The above lists will be constantly get updated, as transactions happen and goes. List of sellable stuff may get expanded as i feel like.

Please post your desire for your purchase here, then send me a trade offer through this link: https://steamcommuni...&token=lLG7sSbQ Remember to only offer the buyout price.


Also tell me if i made any mistakes (wrong price, miscalculation, etc.), and if there's any trading problems occuring, i'll let you know. Bumps will only occur if new sellable stuff has been added, or the threads dead, and wish to revive it.


Thank you in advance for any customer i'm doing business with :cloppa:

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Mystery Skulls, Animated

Today, 12:34 AM

Posted by Linkuser in Music


This is very amazing, and yet sad and depressing. :(

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