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Giving Away Free Bonds On Runescape!

Today, 08:15 PM

Posted by Hoshiro in PC Games

(I am aware that there is a thread for Runescape in general on here but that one is pretty much dead and this one is for particularly on finding out who wants a free bond from me on Runescape)


Yep, I am giving away FREE bonds on Runescape! Why? Because I can! (That and I now have too much money piling up on me after I found a decent way to earn money) :P

Now if you haven't played Runescape since September of last year, you probably haven't heard of them. If you don't play frequently enough, you still probably haven't heard of them. If you have, then good for you and skip the spoiler to find out how to get one from me! If not, then allow me to explain with the spoiler below



So how do you get one of these bonds from me you might ask? Just post that you want one (I'm only giving out one per person as of right now) with your RS name and then add me on RS and contact me the next time you spot me on Runescape. I will gladly give you one after I added you on there.


My RS name is: Cyan Thunder

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The *new* Nintendo 3Ds & Xl (Ll In Japan)

Today, 01:59 PM

Posted by Toki Zensekai in Nintendo

So Nintendo just announced the brand new version of their 3DS and personally, I have not been interested in upgrading my 3DS as the XL and 2DS were just gimmicks. However, the brand new 3DS they are releasing in Japan this October 11th and most likely in the US for the Holidays is something to actually take notice to and might be a good idea for Gen 1 Users such as myself to actually upgrade to this new one.




So what are the new features? Here they are:


-The regular and XL versions both provide bigger screens than the Gen 1 3DS

-Features a brand new, albeit small, control stick on the right side of the pad aptly named the "C-Stick" and offers the ZR and ZL buttons found on the Controller Pad Pro for Gen 1 Users.

-SD Card Slot, Stylus Holder, and Power buttons are located on the front of the 3DS and also features a 2'nd Micro SD card in the battery panel under the 3DS.

-The 3D Function now has Gyroscopic features, meaning that when you tilt the 3DS left and right, you can still maintain the 3D without any blur.

-The 3DS will feature automatic brightness control based on lightening, meaning you'll save more battery power in Daylight and well lit rooms.

-The 3DS will feature a faster GPU allowing for faster downloads on the 3DS Shop.

-The bottom screen will feature the special reader function for the Amiibo figurines released later this year!


The regular *NEW* 3DS will be available for $150 while the XL version will be $180. If you hadn't thought about upgrading to a new 3DS yet, this might now be the time. I know I plan on upgrading for Super Smash Bros, Monster Hunter 4G, and the Xenoblade Chronicles getting released for it.

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