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Tf2 Update April 24, 2014

Today, 04:38 PM

Posted by AethWolf in Team Fortress 2

- Fixed an issue where plugin_load may load a non-binary file type
- Fixed an issue where decompressed file sizes were not being checked by the engine
- Fixed a client crash related to Unusual items and the character loadout screen
- Fixed an item exploit where tools were being used for purposes other than the original intent
- Fixed The Shortstop not using its crit sound when firing crits
- Fixed the HUD achievement tracker not filtering map-specific achievements
- Fixed an issue where character voice lines would be clipped
- Fixed disguised Spies losing their disguised cosmetic items when they touch a supply closet
- Fixed the HUD 3D Character equipping the wrong item when Spies change their disguised weapon
- Fixed the Demoman's shield charge turn rate when using joystick input
       - Joystick input now matches keyboard/mouse input
- Added new promo items
- Added ETF2L 6v6 Season 17 and ETF2L Highlander Season 5 medals
- Updated the localization files
- Updated metal hats to sound like metal when they fall off players' heads
- Updated the equip_regions for The Toss-Proof Towel, The Titanium Towel, The Tartan Shade, Marshall's Mutton Chops, Stockbroker's Scarf, The Carl, and The Polar Pullover
- Updated cp_dustbowl
       - Fixed players standing in sky over the beginning of stage 1
       - Fixed collision on rocks in the front of stage 1 where stickybombs could be placed inside them
- Updated cp_junction_final
       - Players are now prevented from building in spawn rooms
- Updated ctf_2fort
       - Fixed players standing on conduits in flag rooms
       - Fixed players standing in sky over Red battlements
       - Fixed a missing face under the stairs in the Blu base ramp room that let players see enemies above
       - Fixed collision on props under stairs in Red's courtyard
- Updated ctf_turbine
       - Fixed collision on spawn doors
       - Added prop to facilitate players jumping up to raised platform and fixed surrounding collision
       - Fixed collision under stairs in mid room
       - Fixed misc prop collision
       - Fixed collision on signs in mid room
       - Fixed the clipping in the rafters of flag rooms
       - Increased performance with addition of area portals
       - Added decals under ammo and health packs
       - Smoothed geometry in the vents
       - Added nobuild around spawn doors
       - Added light props over Red and Blu gate 1 doorways
- Updated koth_lakeside_event
- Updated koth_lakeside_final
       - Fixed bot navigation errors
       - Prevented players from building in spawn room doors
       - Fixed rock piles to mirror on Red and Blu sides
- Updated pl_goldrush
       - Fixed players shooting projectiles through the window in the mining tower into Red's first spawn and Blu's second spawn
       - Fixed players standing in sky above Blu spawn in stage 3
       - Fixed player clipping exploit above the Blu exit in stage 3

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tsumiki miniwa - holding intel, not capping, general douchbag

Yesterday, 10:44 PM

Posted by Princess Molestia in Reports
Name: Ponyfortress2.com Hoofington MLP Heroes #1
Map: ctf_2fort

GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:0:33961749
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Contents can only be seen by Administrators and Moderators.

Reason: Holding intel, not capping, general douchbag

-Reported By-
Name: ಥ_ಥ ♥'s ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:1:34485113

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My Little Assassin, Murder Is Magic (Ac Themed Rpg Recruitment Thread)

Yesterday, 09:33 PM

Posted by BadShot in MLP:FIM Roleplay

Well it's been about 5 hours since I closed my first RPG, might as well get this one recruiting right away! This one should be much more organized as I have looked over and revised it thoroughly. So sign on up if you're interested! Sign-Ups end in one week! That will give me time to refresh from the last one. Also this will be Themed! What theme? Assassin's Creed Theme!


Details may be subject to change, mainly just mechanics or things I forgot.


This will be set in late 14th century Europe during the Renaissance, names of cities and people will be changed to MLP names, with the exception of Ezio who will play a major role, and follow AC lore, with an MLP twist. As well all of this will be humanized, following my humanization. Magic can still be used, and can alter actions to a degree. This will take place in the Equestrian Capital City and bits will be replaced with florins. Also the RPG will be Storyboard style with some mechanics.




There are some mechanics in the RPG due to it’s nature, some actions will require RNG that I will do myself to prevent any cheating.

These actions include (but are not limited to):

Assassination attempts (from heights, or if doing close assassination with nearby people, whether you were seen, Assassin only)

Killing Blows (if against another player: Crippling Blows)


Hiding (Thief and Assassin only)

Seduction (Courtesan only, try to be tame to abide with standard RPG rules)


Magic usage (unless it simple, like light levitation)






Note, the following are guidelines, you don’t have to follow them to a tee (except for some obvious things) but try not to break immersion (like be an assassin but wear common clothing during missions).

The Creed Characters


Templar Order Characters


Mercs, Thieves, and Courtesans Characters


Starting equipment and getting better equipment


Assassin Player travel


Civilian Characters (extra characters)



Races and Nations;


NPCs and Character Sheet



Side Note

Please inform me if you are to be gone for a certain amount of time so I can work things out while you are away.


Side Side Note

All of this is from my understanding of AC lore, if you see anything out of place in this thread or during the RPG, inform me so I may change it. (and the MLP stuff does not count...)


Final Side Note

If at anytime during the next week an Admin sees the Courtesan role as breaking standard RPG rules with the warnings in place by me, or if the Courtesan breaks standard RPG rules mid game, the role will be removed and retconned out.


God I hope I didn't screw up anything...

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