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Ytp 24601 Releases A Sammich On Parole

Yesterday, 11:58 PM

Posted by Citadel in Oats


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Tf2 Update October 1, 2014

Yesterday, 05:10 PM

Posted by AethWolf in Team Fortress 2

Should be out in a few minutes.


~75MB Update


Apparently, some Windows servers are crashing. Unknown if it's SourceMod related or not yet.


We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 2426090.



- Improved memory usage for Mac clients
- Fixed an exploit that allowed item nametags to go beyond the 40 character limit
- Fixed a bug where reflected rocket explosions from non-stock flamethrowers would cause the flame sound to loop
- tf_teamtalk is now on by default - the dead can talk to the living
- When you mute a player, the mute settings now apply to text chat as well as voice chat. If you want the previous behavior, change convar cl_mute_all_comms to 0.
- More weapon models are now loaded on demand to reduce overall memory usage
- Added "Enable/Disable Auto TeamBalance" votes
        - Successful votes will enable/disable team player count balancing
        - Use sv_vote_issue_autobalance_allowed to control if this vote is enabled on the server
        - Votes not allowed in Mann vs. Machine, Medieval mode, Arena mode, Tournament Mode, or Training
- Updated rd_asteroid
        - Increased overtime to 45 seconds
        - Added more sound cues when overtime starts
        - Dropped reactor cores now blink on the HUD when they are about to return
        - Added latest art assets to blue base exterior



Yep, SourceMod is hosed for now.


Edit 2:

gg, prec, was closet.


Edit 3:

Looks like SM 1.6.3-4579 and MMS 1.11-951 fix the crashing issue with SourceMod.

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Under The Dog

Yesterday, 12:09 PM

Posted by LegendaryR'QA in Anime

Someone at school showed this to me a few weeks ago, i figured I'd share it here.


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