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Valentine's Lies

Today, 01:01 PM

Posted by TarrenSky in Oats

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I Don't Actually Care Who's From Texas But...

Today, 11:32 AM

Posted by Citadel in Suggestions
If I see another thread with the word "bandwagon" in the title, I'm gonna tug out someone's weave.
How's about one of our fine, intrepid young fellers compile a master thread with a master list in the OP of where everyone is from and organize it by region? Especially useful since there is already a ton of overlap. Stick it in the Events forum since the actual point is to see who's nearby for meetups. I'll even pin the durn thing for you.

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Super Bandwagon Adventure: How Many Of You Are Europeans?

Today, 01:35 AM

Posted by Diskette in General

Easy mode: How many of you are from the Central parts of Europe?

Hard mode: How many of you are Hungarians? That's actually really easy, as none of you are one, right?


EDIT: Typo?

EDIT2: Southerns?

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