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Magic: The Subforum

Today, 01:18 PM

Posted by DrBlutengott in Suggestions

So I noticed alot of people here are really into MTG, but theres no real place to post about it. Even the Misc forum is restricted to Music, TV and Books. We have a subforum with 5 subdivisions for MMOs people never use, I think at least one of those subforums would be better utilized as a Magic forum. Or maybe even a TCG forum with divisions or Yugioh and Magic. MLP eve has its own CCG so its kind of related. So does anyone else want to see this? Or is excited for the Khans or Tarkir block?

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Malaysian Independence Day! (2 Days Early Lol)

Yesterday, 11:04 PM

Posted by Dia in General



Its Hari Merdeka! (Independence Day) (2 days early because Im not going to be online in 2 days so I thought I'd do this now)

In Malaysia! And as the only Malaysian member on the forums (as far as I know) it is up to me to spread this news to the forums so we can all celebrate!


It is the day where Malayans were free from the British colonial rule and earned Indepence, this year it'll be our 57th year, hooray for freedom!

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