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Spooky Scary Skeletons

Today, 08:55 PM

Posted by Dakka Is Magic in Oats



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Spooky Scary...

Today, 06:24 PM

Posted by AaronMk in Oats

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Tf2 Update October 20, 2014

Today, 04:15 PM

Posted by AethWolf in Team Fortress 2
We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 2450713.



- Fixed another exploit that allowed clients to have an out-of-date, corrupt, or modified version of items_game.txt
- Fixed clients not downloading *.dx80.vtx, *.dx90.vtx, and *.sw.vtx files from servers running custom content
- Fixed sv_pure defaulting to -2 instead of 0
- Fixed font issues for Mac clients
- Made the Spellbook Magazine a base action slot item for players to equip and use when playing on a server that uses Halloween Spells
- Fixed not being able to wear Halloween-restricted cosmetic items on Halloween maps outside of the regular Halloween and Fullmoon events
- Halloween spells can now be enabled and controlled on servers via ConVars tf_spells_enabled and tf_player_spell_drop_on_death_rate
- Halloween spells can now be enabled by map authors via HolidayEntity by setting the flag HalloweenSetUsingSpells


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