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Ranking System Question

Today, 01:54 AM

I don´t know where I should post so I just post here.


My rank was about below 100 ranks and suddenly somehow my rank today is about more than above 1000 rank. What´s happened?


They was other player ranks that jumps out too.

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Where Does Everyone Live / Meetup Chat Megathread

Yesterday, 04:45 PM

Posted by VictiniStar101 in Events

At the request of Citadel, here it is, a megathread showing anyone's location who already posted in the various threads regarding location that were started within the last day or so.  There will no doubt be a large amount of edits to the OP.



United States




Muffin Hunter - Florida  <-- Spoiler decided not to work

Phil - Florida

JuanTienda - San Isidro, TX 




Misc. (didn't know where else to place these people)
EDIT: These are organized based on which thread specific members posted on. i.e. those who posted on the Eastern thread are put under the Eastern category 
EDIT 2: 9/30/14 As of 9:00 PM EST, I have updated the list with any names mentioned up to this point

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