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Ugc Season 14 Highlander General Discussion

Today, 10:29 AM

It's that time again! Yay!


Hopefully we'll see a bunch of new ponies playing in their first UGC season in Season 14!




Next Season Dates:


Highlander Season 14: Sept. 22 - Dec. 17
TF2 6v6 Season 16: Sept. 24 - Dec 19
TF2 4v4 Season 3:Sept 26 - Dec 21




Let the rumours fly! What's everypony doing for this season? Looks like Platinum is going to have roughly the same number of teams as last season, with two or possibly even three gold moveups. mTs and 20b look like their done.

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Today, 08:23 AM

Posted by Stalker in PC Games



almost makes the game good again :P

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I Am Disappointed

Yesterday, 10:37 PM

Posted by finner500 in Tech

I finally get my new computer parts, everything is assembled correctly, I power it on for the first time, all the parts light up and work, but then.......................a light and beeping occur. It states that there's an issue with the memory. I press the magic button on the motherboard to fix it, nothing happens, I move the sticks around a bit, still nothing, I check the internet for help: sh!tty videos explaining nothing. I then check the motherboard's guide and looked at compatible RAM, it turns out that what I got was incompatible. So now I need to send the memory back to New Egg, get a refund and get the correct RAM.



So until then, I am stuck with a $2000 paper weight.




By the way I have an ASUS Z97-A, the RAM is G.Skill Ripjaws X which is made of 2 8gb sticks and are 1600 hz. It was advertized as being compatible with Z97 motherboards but it actually isn't.

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