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To Whoever The Hell It Was That Was Asking For The Full Sized Avatar Image.

Today, 07:42 PM

Posted by Ineffable Cupidity in Oats

Here you go, whoever the hell you are.



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Tf2 Update September 15, 2014

Today, 06:56 PM

September 15, 2014 - TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed a client crash related to the robot destruction HUD
  • Fixed an exploit where players could circumvent successful kick votes
  • Demoman can no longer detonate sticky bombs while taunting
  • Strange Ranks are no longer displayed on the web (Trade, Steam backpack, Market) and only show 'Strange' as a prefix
  • Default value for convar sv_vote_issue_scramble_teams_cooldown has been increased to 20 minutes
  • Fixed sound clipping issue for the Demoman's Spent Well Spirits taunt
  • Added Jarate lightwarp preset to the Steam Workshop importer
  • Updated the model/materials for the Neckwear Headwear to fix a lighting issue
  • Updated pl_cactuscanyon
    • Increased amount of time the middle gates remain open before and after a train passes in stage 2
    • Adjusted spawn times at end of stage 2
  • Updated rd_asteroid
    • Removed env_sun from the skybox
    • Optimized skybox performance
    • Lowered Scout/Sniper damage against robots
    • Fixed doubled-up health kits on the bridge
    • Added area portals to the base interiors to improve performance
    • Continued art-pass process
    • Fixed zebra-style art on static props on systems that used lower texture quality
  • Added experimental cpu_frequency_monitoring convar to detect thermal throttling. If you have TF2 performance problems on Windows, add "+cpu_frequency_monitoring 2" to the TF2 command line to see if CPU thermal throttling is an issue. If the displayed CPU frequency percentage drops below about 80-85% then you may have a problem with your CPU slowing down due to overheating. If it drops below 50-55% then you may have a serious problem. CPU overheating can be caused by overclocking, insufficient cooling, insufficient airflow, failing or dirty fans, or other causes. The CPU frequency results are displayed with cl_showfps or net_graph. For more detail see https://support.stea...=2715-YIPD-6873

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Giving 3 Games Away (Small)

Today, 05:12 PM

Posted by chaoticevl in PC Games

So i have 3 humble bundle games that i can give away as i already owned them when i got the bundle.

Ittle Dew  Pixlejunk Eden  and Terraria.  It's first come first served so if you have any interest post and include steam id so i can add you to give you the info.

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