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What (I Think) Goes Through Siluca's Head When He Can't Get Support As Engie

Today, 03:56 AM

What else would you do when you're constantly getting spammed out by Stickies, Heavy-Medics, Soldiers, and Spies all up in your Sentry Nests when the rest of the entire team is down?


Smoke Lariette of course!


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So This Ftb Server, What Should I Do?

Today, 03:19 AM

Posted by Toki Zensekai in Minecraft

Honestly with so many mod packs in this FTB server, it's a bit overwhelming.


Anyone have suggestions on what do to? Or anything sort of guides that would be helpful?

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Server Changes Next Month (Early May)

Yesterday, 05:54 PM

Please read carefully, and all of it before you comment or close this thread. I know there are a few folks who will read the first few lines and close the page. You'll have to give us the time to explain.


I want to prefix all of this by sincerely apologizing to the community. Back in Sept/Oct(?) I had made the mistake of moving the "box" (we'll refer to it as) to Dallas without prior notice. It was only briefly discussed and it was an impulsive move to help improve "lag" and the servers in general. It was in the best interest of helping the community out and obviously it didn't work out as well as planned and I take full responsibility for that. I apologize and I hope you'll forgive me for those that have stuck with us. I have run small communities before, but not on the scale of PF2 so it's a bit of a learning experience for myself as well.


On to the subject at hand, while I can not take back what has happened, I can reverse some of the decisions made. Valve back in early February had introduced a persistent server tracking system for TF2. It's still mostly in beta, but it is functional and working. Our TF2 servers are registered for it, and even on your computers you guys have Ponyville's and Hoofingtons unique identifier's in the background. If a server does go down, your clients automatically ask Valves registration server in the background checking what the current IP+Port are for a unique identifier if your computer finds it offline for awhile. The whole purpose of the system is for players to seemlessly swap IPs and ports and folks computers would keep track of the changes automatically. Anyone who has visited the server (listed in their History tab) or has it on their favorites (favorites tab) will automatically be updated within 24 hours with the new information.


Myself and the other admins discussed it off and on, and we wanted to move back to Atlanta site where PF2 has been hosted for last 2.5 years. Europeans could still get a decent connection as well as USA folks and could play together. (And there were a lot less DDOS attacks >.>)


Who will be affected? The TF2 folks shouldn't notice a difference, they may see the server offline for a few hours or so while their clients update. The IP will change, but everyone's favorites and history lists will auto update. People have confirmed it and I'm working on verifying it myself to be double sure.


We will be running 2 "boxes" at the time of the transition, the Dallas one will have server names changed to the new IPs, but will still function as they do right now, just a title change to let folks know. Both boxes will be running for about a month together, I would think that would be plenty of time even for casuals to get the message. However with Valve's system those names should disappear quite quickly and be transferred to the new IP. The month long thing is a back up just in case for some odd reason it fails. The transition will start in early May (depending on my schedule when I can get an early morning off to start the process while nobody is on).


The Teamspeak3 folks if using the old/current IP, will come into a lobby that directs them to the new IP. The starbound folks, you'll just have to update the info manually.


Towards the end of May (after a few weeks) the Dallas box will drop off the radar and nobody should even notice.


What TF2 servers will make it? Well actually we're going back to our pre-move set up. The lineup will be like original PF2 (mostly).


Ponyville - 24 Players Stock (Crit/No Crit Plugin reinstalled) (Should auto update IP address)

Canterlot - 24 Players Stock (Crit/No Crit Plugin reinstalled) (Have to be added manually)

Hoofington - 24 Players MLP Heroes (Should auto update IP address)

Fillydelphia - 24 Players MLP Heroes (Have to be added manually)


Citadel's server will still be listed and unchanged since its full time no crits.


I know there are a few folks that no matter what I explain here will have negative feelings about the whole thing (from the bad experience of moving to Dallas) and I'm sure they still have a bad taste about it. But we want to put PF2 back to its original state when everyone was happier. I'm hoping this change by the end of May will be the best solution for everyone in the community, no matter your preference of crits, gamemodes, or your location in the world.


If your confused by the whole thing, here is a timeline:



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