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Heavy V.s. Bread(Monster)

Today, 02:44 AM

Posted by Ultimate Thor in Oats

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Performance Tweaks/guides

Today, 02:27 AM

Posted by AethWolf in Team Fortress 2

So let's start with the basics, fps configs. The long time favorite of those, are chris' fps configs. They range from "make TF2 look like total horseapple" to "holy crap it's like I'm watching a frag vid". If you need frames, a lot of people jump straight to recommending maxframes, but some GPUs do work better with DX9 than with DX8, which means it might be worth your while to try dx9frames as well.


chris' originals: https://github.com/t...figs/tf2configs

Someone forked them and updated them a bit: https://github.com/f...Thug/tf2configs (I think I'm currently using a slightly modded version of dx9frames from here, but I haven't verified that they work any better than chris' versions (just add mat_phong 0 to chris' dx9frames)).


Even if you don't need the graphical performance, I highly recommend at least taking the network settings bit and putting those in your autoexec.cfg. The default settings are more aimed at dialup than broadband, and it does make the game feel much tighter if you have proper network settings.


Let's say you need even more frames because you're playing on a toaster hotwired to a microwave by a potato. The no hats mod can help since it reduces the total number of polygons that need to be rendered. I'm not sure how much this one helps since I've never used it, but I imagine the gains are far more useful on low end machines.




There are a couple of compilation packs out there. I haven't personally tried these, but they should succeed at making your game look like horseapple and squeeze every bit of performance out of your rig.


tf.tv FPS Improvement Compilation: http://teamfortress....nt-compilation/

Stabby's Everything Pack: http://steamcommunit...63165458399532/




Also, removing mods may help. I know some of you are hitting the engine's limit on mods. Toning that way the buck back can fix up your frame rate. I've had a few skins mess with my frame rate, and it went back up to my standards once I removed them. I can only imagine the improvement removing nearly 200 mods would do.


60fps is nice, 66fps will let you keep up with the maximum rate for a server, which can help with hit registration, double your monitor's refresh rate is ideal. Double because you can drop a frame and not visually notice it, and Source processes inputs every frame, so you get less input lag. Getting a little more technical, your GPU and monitor aren't always totally in sync, so you can end up where the frame shown on the monitor isn't the last processed, so a 60hz monitor (1/60th of a second) with a game at 60fps (1/60th of a second) can actually be displaying an image that is 2/60th of a second behind, whereas a 60hz monitor with a 120fps game would be displaying an image that is 3/120th of a second behind, so blowing past your monitor's refresh rate can be beneficial. As far as input processing goes, I think the engine tops out at 300fps.


A consistent frame rate is preferable to a fluctuating one. You need to figure out what your rig can reliably handle and just cap your frame rate at that even if it turns out not that high. fps_max should be set to your desired frame rate + 1 (for example, I cap mine at 120fps, so I have fps_max set to 121). However, some people experience a weird jitter with their frame rate capped, so just drop the cap if you're experiencing that.


Other than that, just make sure you read all the notes and horseapple with those configs/mods/packs. In general, if you want to get rid of a graphics config, remove it from your configs, use the -autoexec launch option, and then use the exec config_default command in the console. You might need to disable the Steam Cloud for TF2 to get it working.




Also looking for more resources/guides/advice/whatever to cram in here.

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