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Heroeshud, Phongless Celestia/luna, And Other Stuff

Yesterday, 09:49 PM

Posted by AethWolf in MLP Heroes Mod

(Binning my old threads and moving everything to one easy to use thread.)




Given how easy it is to lose track of your Hero's health/ultimate, I figured I could slap together something real quick and dirty to help fix that problem. All this does is add a little black, slightly transparent box behind those values so it's easier to keep track of them.




If it's broken, please provide a screenshot and your resolution.



So, update.

Screenshots of the few small tweaks



Added numeric player health to the TargetID

Enabled 16v16 scoreboard

Tweaked the positioning of the 3D model

Cleaned up the spectator view.

Turning minmode on will hide the Hero panel


If you want it: https://github.com/AethWolf/HeroesHUD


In the /resource folder, you'll need to rename hudplayerhealth_(your aspect ratio here).res to hudplayerhealth.res for it to work. This makes it easier on me, and it should be more or less future proof since Valve doesn't mess with that file all that often.


If anyone uses the custom captions, I'll fix them. Otherwise, I'm leaving them as-is. I also still have the stuff for custom crosshairs in it, but I don't have them implemented. If anyone wants them, I'll implement them.



Phongless Celestia/Luna:


So, I didn't really understand why people were calling Celestia and Luna balloons until I was messing around with Source Recording Tool and actually saw them with mat_phong 1 instead of my usual mat_phong 0 (if you're looking for an FPS boost, try it (I also just plain like how TF2 looks with phong 0)).


Anyway, if you don't like shiny balloon Celestia/Luna and don't want to switch over to mat_phong 0, I made a quick and dirty edit to remove phong from them: https://dl.dropboxus...glessCeLuna.zip


(Extract the contents of that file to \tf\download\materials\models\player\pony )


And a screenshot:



(I'm 99% sure I correctly edited the relevant files, but I just did a quick test with Luna in a demo I had recorded.)



Radix's Cover of "Lulamoon" for Trixie's ultimate:

Finally modded Trixie's ultimate song, too. This one's not quite as poopy (though, I'm not entirely sure it's loud enough): Clicky to download


Goes in tf\download\sound\pf2\mlpheroes


(Yes, I know that one has issues. Gonna rework it eventually.)

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10:17 Am - A Gtx Bat: Omg This Is Beautiful

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

Posted by Aegis in Music

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Happy Alice's Restaurant Day

Yesterday, 12:23 PM

Posted by AaronMk in General


Or better known as Thanksgiving, so whatever. Now excuse me while I go get lunch-breakfast.

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