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Reserved Slot?

Yesterday, 07:25 PM

So I'm not sure what happened, but a few weeks ago I seemed to lose my donor reserved slot. I have everything else donors can do, it still recognizes me as a donor, but I don't have a reserved slot. Even when using the console to connect, or switching to a non-full pf2 server and hopping. Any ideas why this happened?

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Tf2 Update April 24, 2014

Yesterday, 04:38 PM

Posted by AethWolf in Team Fortress 2

- Fixed an issue where plugin_load may load a non-binary file type
- Fixed an issue where decompressed file sizes were not being checked by the engine
- Fixed a client crash related to Unusual items and the character loadout screen
- Fixed an item exploit where tools were being used for purposes other than the original intent
- Fixed The Shortstop not using its crit sound when firing crits
- Fixed the HUD achievement tracker not filtering map-specific achievements
- Fixed an issue where character voice lines would be clipped
- Fixed disguised Spies losing their disguised cosmetic items when they touch a supply closet
- Fixed the HUD 3D Character equipping the wrong item when Spies change their disguised weapon
- Fixed the Demoman's shield charge turn rate when using joystick input
       - Joystick input now matches keyboard/mouse input
- Added new promo items
- Added ETF2L 6v6 Season 17 and ETF2L Highlander Season 5 medals
- Updated the localization files
- Updated metal hats to sound like metal when they fall off players' heads
- Updated the equip_regions for The Toss-Proof Towel, The Titanium Towel, The Tartan Shade, Marshall's Mutton Chops, Stockbroker's Scarf, The Carl, and The Polar Pullover
- Updated cp_dustbowl
       - Fixed players standing in sky over the beginning of stage 1
       - Fixed collision on rocks in the front of stage 1 where stickybombs could be placed inside them
- Updated cp_junction_final
       - Players are now prevented from building in spawn rooms
- Updated ctf_2fort
       - Fixed players standing on conduits in flag rooms
       - Fixed players standing in sky over Red battlements
       - Fixed a missing face under the stairs in the Blu base ramp room that let players see enemies above
       - Fixed collision on props under stairs in Red's courtyard
- Updated ctf_turbine
       - Fixed collision on spawn doors
       - Added prop to facilitate players jumping up to raised platform and fixed surrounding collision
       - Fixed collision under stairs in mid room
       - Fixed misc prop collision
       - Fixed collision on signs in mid room
       - Fixed the clipping in the rafters of flag rooms
       - Increased performance with addition of area portals
       - Added decals under ammo and health packs
       - Smoothed geometry in the vents
       - Added nobuild around spawn doors
       - Added light props over Red and Blu gate 1 doorways
- Updated koth_lakeside_event
- Updated koth_lakeside_final
       - Fixed bot navigation errors
       - Prevented players from building in spawn room doors
       - Fixed rock piles to mirror on Red and Blu sides
- Updated pl_goldrush
       - Fixed players shooting projectiles through the window in the mining tower into Red's first spawn and Blu's second spawn
       - Fixed players standing in sky above Blu spawn in stage 3
       - Fixed player clipping exploit above the Blu exit in stage 3

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tsumiki miniwa - holding intel, not capping, general douchbag

23 Apr 2014

Posted by Princess Molestia in Reports
Name: Ponyfortress2.com Hoofington MLP Heroes #1
Map: ctf_2fort

GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:0:33961749
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Reason: Holding intel, not capping, general douchbag

-Reported By-
Name: ಥ_ಥ ♥'s ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:1:34485113

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