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Brony Doc Part2

Yesterday, 10:30 AM

Posted by CircuitBreaker in Videos

A long time ago SaberSpark made the Brony Doc part 1 well part 2 finally came out and here it is



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Love Hina

18 Oct 2014

Posted by Dakka Is Magic in Anime

Does anyone remember Love HinaBecause...


Look at what I just got:





Oh yes, I have finally completed my manga collection of this series (6 books when before it would be 14 separate books). I love this series for many reasons:


I found it funny, did not (Manga) rocket into space with the fan-service, like-able cast, tsundere (tsundere)

, Samurai, wall breaking, chasing, misunderstandings and host spring. 


It was also the first Anime and Manga series I've ever completed, so much so I still have theses:




The old prints of the last chapters of the series, I remember scouring all around back in 2006 looking for these, after watching some of the anime eps with some friends back in 2000. Man time sure does fly by... I hope they never make a sequel, it ended in a good way.



Also Motoko is best.

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Spoopy Pie

17 Oct 2014

Posted by AaronMk in Oats

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