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Tf2 Update Incoming November 20, 2014

Today, 07:21 PM

Posted by Zen in Team Fortress 2
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
* Additional improvements for client stability
* Added a check to prevent building in trigger_hurt areas
* Fixed seeing bumper cart icons for deaths while in hell on maps other than doomsday_event
* Fixed not hearing localized audio while connected to a server using sv_pure
* Updated pl_upward
Added stairs to forward Blue spawn underground
Updated the trigger hurt in the outer cliff area to cover the bottom of the map

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Crusader Kings 2 - Now Getting More Rpg-Y

Today, 06:43 PM

Posted by AaronMk in PC Games



Hi everyone,

Today we’re announcing that we’re in the midst of developing something new for Crusader Kings II, a project that will allow you to get even deeper into the role-playing aspects of the game. Way of Life, the next DLC for CK2, will let you become a better (or worse!) ruler and grant you more power over personal relationships than ever before. 

Sure, it’s nice to have someone cozy up to you and be your lover while you’re sitting atop the throne, but what if you could choose who to seduce? Or, after getting into that relationship on the side, what if you discover that you just need some space and had a way to break it off? You know, without having your soon-to-be ex-lover assassinated. These things and much more, including hundreds of new events, are coming to Way of Life.

With every piece of DLC, we always issue a patch for the vanilla game that allows everyone to take advantage of the changes being made to CK2, and this will be no different EXCEPT this particular time we’re asking for your assistance by helping us test out the patch ahead of the launch of Way of Life. The beta test will begin next week and we’ll have more details on how to fabricate a claim to beta test soon, so be on the lookout.

- Paradox Development Studio & Paradox Interactive


So I guess we can start banging courtier at will now, and not end relationships with murder. Or, murder will become less of a thing.

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Buying Five Nights At Freddy's 2 (Done)

Yesterday, 07:14 PM

Posted by Dia in Trading Shop

So I want this game, but I have no money, therefore I am trading for my TF2 items, anything that is not nametagged is up for grabs


tell me what you want in exchange for the game and I'll think about it :pwease:





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