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Selling Strange Pro Killstreak Festive Crusader's Crossbow

Today, 08:29 AM

Hello All Squishy Here With Another Item To Sell... I Would Put It In The Selling haunted Holy hunter topic.. but no.. i'll be selling it on Team Fortress 2 Warehouse as soon as i can...


To Let You Ponies Know The Price Of This Item..(Thanks To Backpack.tf is) $28.32


But What I Want Is Keys For It...


10 Keys is The Amount I Want... (After Doing The Math and Checking Said Price Of Keys)


Steam Name:Pwincess Squishy (Link To My Profile is on my Other Topic..Selling Haunted Holy Hunter Topic)


Times Im On...


12:00pm EST to 5:00pm EST


Sorry For Making The Second Topic... But Im Unable to Remove the Other One...



Trade Me When You Can :ponydrugs:

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Survive The Hiatus Week 10 - A Dog And Pony Show / Green Isn't Your Color

Today, 01:45 AM

Posted by AethWolf in MLP:FIM General

Whining and jealousy from the Marshmallow Pony this week.


Get to watchin' and discusssin'.

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Hasbro Now Allowing Fans To Sell 3D Printed Fan Art

Today, 12:36 AM

Posted by AethWolf in General




Right now, it's just MLP, but it's going to open up to other franchises in the future.

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