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Dead Island Or Dead Island: Riptide

Today, 05:10 PM

Posted by Dia in General

I have never played both, but if i want a game with sort of good-ish story, open world experience and most importantly, FUN to play with my friends, which one is better?

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Silver Leauge ( Sc2 ) Anyone Intrested

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

Posted by BizHax in Events

So me and Dakka been thinking... Well rather Dakka been thinking and we want to hold a Starcraft 2 tournament with the expanded lore mod 3 v 3, One race, two factions and the team that wins will fight eachother in a FFA Final.


How does it sound? Anyone into Starcraft 2 here in that case you can post if you want to join or support it.


Now we have talkt to DL and he have agreed to give the winner a special Colour and titel in the forums ( we have not decided a 2s and 3rd place prizes but it will be updatet soon). So how about it?


(Me and Dakka will commentate over it and judge you as we stream the tournament.... :gleepony: )



Update: Keys will be in the prizepool aswell. How many? I dunno depends on how much cash i get next week :chompa:

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