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gyromatic4 - spawn camping

Yesterday, 10:35 PM

Posted by Princess Molestia in Reports
Name: Ponyfortress2.com Hoofington MLP Heroes
Map: ctf_haarp_b1

Name: gyromatic4
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:1:39239610
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Reason: spawn camping

-Reported By-
Name: Red
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:0:42235101
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Servers Skill Range

Yesterday, 08:49 PM

Posted by finner500 in General Servers

Earlier today, I was playing on a random server (not sure if it was Valve or not) and I completely dominated in it. The issue with this was that I was using classes I'm terrible at like spy and sniper. I was getting easy headshots against players running in straight lines and decloaking and the player not turning around and getting backstabbed. There were also dumb things players were doing such as not using airblast, falling off the edge for no reason, even one time half the enemy team was searching for me throughout the whole map while I was cloaked at their spawn. I thought these were bots but they were actual people controlling them. This made me wonder just what is the skill level of the PF2 servers since I'm lucky if I place middle of the pack most of the time

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Knd Vs Chill Penguins

Yesterday, 05:56 PM

I haven't uploaded one of these in while so here is it.  This is my engie POV playing for .knd against the high gold team Chill Penguins on Upward, who are currently still in playoffs.  This is game 2 of 2, the match was kinda short but it was a hell of a lot of fun.


Edit: And the quality is garbage yet when I watched it after I compressed it it looked a lot better.  Anyone know why?


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