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Silver Leauge ( Sc2 ) Anyone Intrested

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

Posted by BizHax in Events

So me and Dakka been thinking... Well rather Dakka been thinking and we want to hold a Starcraft 2 tournament with the expanded lore mod 3 v 3, One race, two factions and the team that wins will fight eachother in a FFA Final.


How does it sound? Anyone into Starcraft 2 here in that case you can post if you want to join or support it.


Now we have talkt to DL and he have agreed to give the winner a special Colour and titel in the forums ( we have not decided a 2s and 3rd place prizes but it will be updatet soon). So how about it?


(Me and Dakka will commentate over it and judge you as we stream the tournament.... :gleepony: )



Update: Keys will be in the prizepool aswell. How many? I dunno depends on how much cash i get next week :chompa:

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Mc Offline For A Couple Weeks.

Yesterday, 12:30 PM

Posted by DragonLight in Minecraft
In order to run the extra TF2 server people wanted this month for Xmas and because it was seldom used since everything was pretty built out the MC server is off for a couple weeks. It'll return early January, and I believe Bukkit finally updated for 1.8, I'll do a poll to see if people want a new world set up or not. If people want a new world the old one will be available for download as always.

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