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Global Be(Er) Responsible Day|Friends Are Waiting

Today, 01:05 PM


Just wanted to share a video that made me tear a bit.  Remember to drink responsibly, because there is always friends waiting for you to come back. 

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Motd/welcome "page" Not Displaying When Entering Server?

Today, 12:13 AM

Y'know, this bit (this isn't from our server)


http://imgur.com/VPWoW5i (because apparently cannot post actual images, just links)


For some reason when entering PF2, this doesn't pop up anymore, instead being locked to one of the cameras that overlooks the default control point for the given map.  Have to hit spacebar twice or type spectate in console in order to be able to use the keys to select team.


Was there a change to the introduction page when joining the servers recently?  Don't recall this doing this yesterday.

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David Lynch

Yesterday, 10:31 PM

Posted by Babble Rabble in TV & Film

Anyone here a David Lynch fan? My girlfriend and I just finished his movie "Lost Highway", which was really damn good. We've also watched his TV show "Twin Peaks" and his movie "Blue Velvet" and "Fire Walk With Me" together. On my own time, I've watched "Elephant Man", Rabbits, and "Eraserhead". Anyone else like this guy's work? I think he's the preeminent American surrealist alive today.


If you like dreamy neo-noir stuff, I'd definitely suggest taking a look. Twin Peaks is available on Netflix and is a landmark in modern television. While not successful during its original run, the show has gone on to inspire other television shows like "The X-Files" and its successors. Really great show with memorable characters.

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