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Update 1.35F

Today, 01:52 PM

-Celestia and Luna have had their damage reduced, instead of 200% melee damage, they now do 150%. Also their magic attacks now do half damage, no more 1 shotting full HP classes. Their Ultimate damage has been reduced slightly as well, but an added screen shake effect (sort of tested, maybe?) at random was added to it.


-Trixie's flamethrower was nerfed from 50% to 25% normal damage. She also loses the stun on her ultimate ability. However she has gained a Mannmelter and is the only Hero (for now) with a full loadout.

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What The Hay Is Crashing Hoofington?

Today, 11:50 AM

Seriously, something on Hoofington keeps causing an arseload of players to suddenly crash for no reason.  So far it's happened twice in the last hour.

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Don't Like The Shiny Celestia/luna?

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

Posted by AethWolf in MLP Heroes Mod

So, I didn't really understand why people were calling Celestia and Luna balloons until I was messing around with Source Recording Tool and actually saw them with mat_phong 1 instead of my usual mat_phong 0 (if you're looking for an FPS boost, try it (I also just plain like how TF2 looks with phong 0)).


Anyway, if you don't like shiny balloon Celestia/Luna and don't want to switch over to mat_phong 0, I made a quick and dirty edit to remove phong from them: https://dl.dropboxus...glessCeLuna.zip


(Extract the contents of that file to \tf\download\materials\models\player\pony )


And a screenshot:



(I'm 99% sure I correctly edited the relevant files, but I just did a quick test with Luna in a demo I had recorded.)

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