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An Interesting Idea I Came Across

Today, 10:23 PM



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Update 1.35B

Today, 09:25 PM

Quick Update


-Pinkie Pie's melee no longer locks down Heroes again (fix to Taunt update from Valve)


-Octavia and Ironwill's radius increased slightly.


-BigMac Buff, normal Hero speed, normal melee damage, however slower during special + 20sec ubercharged.


-Special activation double tap taunt.

-Celestia and Luna readded, can be played on either team now. They do not have a secondary ability right now. They both have double melee damage VS everyone.

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Server Changes?

Today, 07:21 PM

Posted by dispoint in General Servers

I'm not sure if this was posted before but, but just let me ask, uh, questions

  • Is filly being a vsh server temporal?
  • Are servers switching to gametracker(I'm not knowledgeable in this area, I only suppose it because gameme is broken and gametracker is being used as noted in the front page)?




...maybe I went ahead an announcement?

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