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Update 1.35E

Today, 04:52 PM

-Added additional checks for Holiday Punch to not lock down a Hero.


-Changed special notification on the HUD to include the default key to press when a special is ready.


-Added framework for Derpy, she currently does not have any specials however and is set to admin only testing until she is done.

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Today, 04:06 PM

Posted by TKoTD in Introductions

Finally decided to hop in here.


I used to play a lot of TF2 when Ponyville was usually alive. Then, I tried to play on random servers and discovered that you people were actually good overall a better community. Haven't got used to heroes but is better than not playing Tf2 at all.


Let's see if I can resist my urge to be a lurker.

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teutza2003 brony romania - mic spam

Today, 04:50 AM

Posted by Princess Molestia in Reports
Name: Ponyfortress2.com Hoofington MLP Heroes
Map: koth_railbridge_b1

Name: teutza2003 Brony Romania
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:1:91742765
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Contents can only be seen by Administrators and Moderators.

Reason: Mic Spam

-Reported By-
Name: DeathShade69
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:1:33962087
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Contents can only be seen by Administrators and Moderators.

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