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Yoshika's Art Thread - Redux

Yesterday, 08:29 PM

Posted by Yoshika in Art

So, going to do some things different from the last thread:


- Commissions aren't going to be a thing for now (Paypal issues); Gifts are appreciated but not required

- Completion must be specified or else I'm probably going to be really lazy on it. With your request, say if you want a Sketch, Lineart and/or Flat Colors, or Full Color

- Expect delays, but hey, some of you learned that from the last thread.

- Not limited to drawing nothing but MLP content. Toss some other ideas. It's probably not going to turn out the best, but I need the practice.

- Don't request again after I complete one that you've asked for before. 

- Private Message me if you need to make a secret request of some sort. However, if you're asking about someone else's OC, please get permission to use it.

- "Any requests needs to be within forum rules, no NSFW. Can be suggestive, I guess. Shipping is okay, also is canon-OC shipping art. No gore, vore, or anything of the sort."


- Yes, the previous queue is gone. I've been gone for a while so I need a fresh start. Sorry.





- What do you use?

Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop Elements 10, FireAlpaca. Krita (Free Version)


- Tablet?

> Wacom Intous Pen and Touch


- How busy are you? 

> Running dual majors in university, plus have 2 part time jobs. Decently busy. 


- Where else can I find your art?



- What order do you take requests?

I use a random number generator to pick out requests.





So.. toss requests or something? I dunno. I'm pretty certain that Whirly was supposed to go from last time.


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Tf2 Update August 21, 2014

Yesterday, 04:50 PM

Posted by AethWolf in Team Fortress 2

Will edit when details come in.

We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 2369699.



- Fixed rockets colliding with other projectiles and getting stuck in the world
- Fixed a bug with the Soldier's Fresh Brewed Victory taunt and the Power Up Canteen
- Fixed the Demoman not being able to equip The Grandmaster
- Fixed a bug where Professional Killstreak items were being displayed as Specialized
- Market Listings for Specialized Killstreak kits for the following items have been removed and will need to be relisted
- Stickybomb Launcher, Minigun, Direct Hit, Huntsman, Backburner, Back Scatter, Kritzkrieg, Ambassador, Frontier Justice
- Fixed character audio being cut short when characters clap during the Conga taunt
- Unusual taunts that are tradable can now be listed on the Steam Community Market
- The Classic can now accept Enemies Gibbed strange parts
- The Manmelter can now accept Allies Extinguished strange parts
- Added mp_spectators_restricted server convar
- Prevents players on Red/Blue from joining team Spectator if it would exceed mp_teams_unbalance_limit
- Updated the HTML display in the MOTD to use shared Steam browser control
- Updated the materials for The Dalokohs Bar
- Updated the equip_region for the Soldier's Stash, Exquisite Rack, The Pencil Pusher, and Antlers
- Updated the localization files
- Updated pl_cactuscanyon
-Stage 1
- Reworked the geometry of the back stairwell route leading to the final cap
-Stage 3
- New design of back yard underpass area
- Added new building and route near the underpass
- New geometry for Red battlements and spawn exit by the first cap
- Added new exit from Red spawn leading to the raised middle rock outcrop by the barn
- Reworked Red spawn exit by capture point 2
- Removed rocks and added a new structure by the final cart push
- Cart now takes longer to pass through the building at the end of
- Adjusted spawn times
- Adjusted Health and ammo packs

hlds_announce mailing list


Undocumented Changes
  • Updated the backpack image for the Dalokohs Bar.
  • Updated the item type of the Soldier's Stash, Pencil Pusher, and Antlers.

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