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I've Turned 23 Yrsold Today...

Today, 02:33 AM

Posted by Diskette in General

Today, we write July of 29th into the calendar, the official day, where little Disky came to life (And Kancsar too) in the year of 1991.


Most kids would be eager to wait for their day of birth, as they get presents, gets to be the center of attention, and has the power to Make a Wish®

I love my day too, especcially the center of attention part, as I love being noticed, because it's the day, where everyone feeds my ego power. :smugtrixie:


However, there's one little thing i don't like about birthdays: It's marking my number of years spent as a human by +1.

Sure, I don't have the right to complain, as i'm still in the young-ish area (infact, i'm the youngest out of the communal home group where i live), but i wanna be young forever...as a certain old song says. I just feel that my backbones are getting wearier (or my lazyness getting sluggier) as i grow older and older and older every year...


...but before this turns into a semi-grimdark story, i'm gonna quickly switch back to myself, as it's my big day today! :sweetieyes:

So yus. Little Disky darling (And Kancsar too, don't forget about Kancsar) is now 23 years old. Not really a special number to remember, but to be honest, i'm not really sure if i'll be happy or not if i turn into a special number.......*thinks about a number that involves a three and a four* :bloomgah:

I will be spending this day Making a Wish®  with my group, which will involve doing a little show (which i'm not sure what i'll be doing there), and probably calling relatives too...

In the meantime, yaaay birthday time~ :partycannon:


®Make a Wish is a registered cutie mark by Daniel Ingram and Pinkie Pie. All musical talents reserved.

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Survive The Hiatus Week 11 - Over A Barrel / A Bird In The Hoof

Today, 01:49 AM

Posted by AethWolf in MLP:FIM General

Still trucking, still waiting for S5. This week, we're crashing the gate while doing 98 and plowing hard into the "Can FiM handle race relations properly?" episode and the "Fluttershy lets her kindness get the better of her" episode.



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Update 1.35F

Yesterday, 01:52 PM

-Celestia and Luna have had their damage reduced, instead of 200% melee damage, they now do 150%. Also their magic attacks now do half damage, no more 1 shotting full HP classes. Their Ultimate damage has been reduced slightly as well, but an added screen shake effect (sort of tested, maybe?) at random was added to it.


-Trixie's flamethrower was nerfed from 50% to 25% normal damage. She also loses the stun on her ultimate ability. However she has gained a Mannmelter and is the only Hero (for now) with a full loadout.

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