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Five Nights At Pinkie's [Sfm]

Yesterday, 08:14 PM

Posted by Yoxy in Videos

After the songs, we have an animation made in SFM remaking the first night of the original game if it happened in an Equestrian pizzeria.


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Ideal Or Not So Ideal Loadouts Randomizer

Yesterday, 02:21 PM

So every once and awhile there is a randomizer server that I go on. Most of the loadouts are average but occasionally I get really good ones and really bad ones so I thought I would make a thread about people making their own loadouts good or bad with any weapons and class. Note the randomizer does account for equip region meaning you can't have a loadout which has bootlegger and gunboats.So put anything you can think of or would like to play with.



Class: Scout

Primary: Loch-n-Load

Secondary: Crit-a-Cola

Melee: Frying Pan


So this one was an actual loadout I got on the server and it was amazing. The ability to get minicrits out of the crit-a-cola allowed me to destroy almost everyone in 2 hits as well as the Scout mobility making it really hard to get hit by enemies I think I got upward of 14 kills with this set before dying.

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