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Warframe || Let's Be Space Ninjas!

Today, 01:51 AM

Posted by Toki Zensekai in PC Games

With the increased numbers of players in Warframe I thought it was high time we set ourselves up a Warframe thread for all things Warframe related.


Come here with your tips, tricks, pics, and nit picks with Warframe.


For the newbies, give me, Paragon, Broneteer, Akena, and Hoshiro a ring if you need assistance in the game. We all bring a little bit of something to the table and are willing to help you out.  You'll also need a clan, so talk to either me or Paragon about joining a clan and we'll set you up.


For the vets, let's gather up our Void Keys and go smash Vor's place up like the PAYDAY gang and get ourselves rich with Void items.

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Dead Island Or Dead Island: Riptide

Yesterday, 05:10 PM

Posted by Dia in General

I have never played both, but if i want a game with sort of good-ish story, open world experience and most importantly, FUN to play with my friends, which one is better?

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Silver Leauge ( Sc2 ) Anyone Intrested

17 Dec 2014

Posted by BizHax in Events

So me and Dakka been thinking... Well rather Dakka been thinking and we want to hold a Starcraft 2 tournament with the expanded lore mod 3 v 3, One race, two factions and the team that wins will fight eachother in a FFA Final.


How does it sound? Anyone into Starcraft 2 here in that case you can post if you want to join or support it.


Now we have talkt to DL and he have agreed to give the winner a special Colour and titel in the forums ( we have not decided a 2s and 3rd place prizes but it will be updatet soon). So how about it?


(Me and Dakka will commentate over it and judge you as we stream the tournament.... :gleepony: )



Update: Keys will be in the prizepool aswell. How many? I dunno depends on how much cash i get next week :chompa:

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