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Looking For Earbuds

Today, 01:23 PM

Posted by Noobvig in Trading Shop

I think it's time I took my hat commitment to the next level, baby.

I'm trading off a fabulous original voodoo juju painted black and a spine-chilling skull for a pair of pro tf2 skills...I mean earbuds.

Plz, send trade offer if interested.



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Looking For A New Laptop

Today, 11:48 AM

Posted by Small Waves in Tech

As someone inexperienced in the laptop world outside of the smelly casual OSX, I need your advice.


My situation:

I've been looking around for a new laptop. I am switching from a Macbook Pro since I want to drop the OSX partition and go full Windows since after Windows updates, numerous items on the Mac partition inevitably become corrupted, such as videos, images, and now, as the final straw, my music. Rather than try to find out and remedy the problem with the chance of the methods not working, I've decided to save myself a whole heap of grief of the "fix" possibly not working and being forced to replace the broken files (which are completely randomized with each wave of corruption) by replacing them with my external HD backup, which is just too damn time consuming.


Rather than fight with it, I'd rather remove the dead weight since the last time I've ever had some use for OSX was over a year and a half ago, and that was to reinstall an expanded Windows partition.


What I'm looking for:

Price: $1250 is my limit before taxes, but prefer something around the $900 to $1100 price range unless the extra cost makes up for it (most notably, in build quality).


Longevity: Something that will last at least 3 years or so at approx. $400 per year. The more mileage, the better. This means the exterior must be hardy for travel, the hardware components must be secure in their place, and not burst into flames because I was foolish enough to open iTunes on a Windows operating system. This is the most important deciding factor for me.


Better specs than my Macbook: 320GB HD is very easy to beat even back when I got this back in 2011, so I want at least 500GB. It has 4GB of RAM, but I would like at least 6GB for a little more wiggle room. I find the 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor to be passable at least but am willing to improve. It has an Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor w/ 384MB of DDR3 SDRAM which is shared with the main memory. The display is 1280x800 at 13.3 inches diagonally, making it easy to move around and use on smaller surfaces, so I'm not looking to expand too much since the pullout desks used in lecture halls are tiny. Battery life isn't a big deal since I carry around a charger most of the time anyway since there's no way the battery would last for a whole college day anyhow, so 3 hours on battery is okay with me. Priority: HD space  > RAM > Processor > Pixel density/Screen resolution = Graphics card > Screen size > Battery life


Optical drive: Has to be able to read DVD/CD. I would rather have it be onboard rather than external, but can live with it if the external comes packaged with the laptop. I will be immediately reinstalling Windows 7 upon arrival because Windows 8 is bad and to remove manufacturer provided bloatware. It is essential


USB Ports: At least two needed, but would be nice to have a third.


Hardware replacement: Should be interchangeable with little fuss if needed.


Stance on refurbished/used laptops: Refurbished must be a reliable brand (ie. Thinkpad. See lower down the post for more details) at a fair price. Flat-out "used" (meaning not refurbished) should be dirt cheap if it's an older model or decently marked down for newer models.


TL;DR: Needs to be hardy and affordable ($1250 at absolute most before tax). I'm not looking for a powerhouse. 500GB HD, 6GB RAM, fairly compact in size, capable of vaguely running games on low/medium settings, an optical drive, and reinstalling W7 without voiding warranty is my baseline.


Brands/series' will not accept:

HP/Compaq: Heating issues.

Lenovo G: Lackluster build quality reputation.

Thinkpad series': R, L, SL, Z, Edge. In the Thinkpad world they are considered crapshoots because of their cheap thick plastic casing. T and W series are fine.


Also, feel free to talk about your experiences with laptops from past and present and your feelings on certain brands and manufacturers.

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Today, 03:11 AM

Posted by *Bonk* Play Ball in Oats


There's swears if you don't like that kinda thing

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