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I Don't Actually Care Who's From Texas But...

Today, 11:32 AM

Posted by Citadel in Suggestions
If I see another thread with the word "bandwagon" in the title, I'm gonna tug out someone's weave.
How's about one of our fine, intrepid young fellers compile a master thread with a master list in the OP of where everyone is from and organize it by region? Especially useful since there is already a ton of overlap. Stick it in the Events forum since the actual point is to see who's nearby for meetups. I'll even pin the durn thing for you.

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Super Bandwagon Adventure: How Many Of You Are Europeans?

Today, 01:35 AM

Posted by Diskette in General

Easy mode: How many of you are from the Central parts of Europe?

Hard mode: How many of you are Hungarians? That's actually really easy, as none of you are one, right?


EDIT: Typo?

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Great Lakes Thread

Yesterday, 11:26 PM

Posted by AaronMk in General

Talk about how glorious our waters are glorious Wisconsinites, Minnesoteans, Illinoisians, Ohio-somethings, Indians, and Michiganders. And I guess some Canadians can join in too. So long as they remember: Michigan is the master state and Indiana sucks.


That has been the word of me.


so let us drink to da UP.



I'll be sure to have some pannukakku to your success as well.

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