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Today, 12:20 AM

Posted by DragonLight in General
Anyone play CSGO? I bought it when it was first released but haven't played much. I know it uses the source engine as well so would be compatible with all of PF2 backend for donors if you guys were interested in a server.

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Why Do People Dislike Plr_Hightower?

Yesterday, 09:47 PM

Posted by JuanTienda in General

Well, plr_hightower used to be a map that could be played every other round as long as it was nominated. Now it is a map that cannot be nominated for what seems like half a day. I feel that just because a few complain about the map shouldn't put hightower out of business. I'm pretty sure this was applied to all other maps but come on, 99% of the time hightower is nominated it wins people's votes. Now let me ask you. Should have map have such a long cooldown time when it's the map that it's most played in Hoofington? I think not. It's a fun map and if people don't want to play it, then don't vote for it. Overall it is a good fun map where everything and anything can happen.

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