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Dungeon Defenders Eternity

Today, 02:25 PM

Posted by Hoshiro in PC Games
Lots of you played Dungeon Defenders before right? If you did then you can safely assume it has DLC'S that give buyers a huge advantage in waves, making it a "Pay Extra to Win" kind of thing. Well screw all of that! Cause now we got Dungeon Defenders Eternity, a completely revamped version of the original with NO DLC's.

That's right. No DLC'S at all as all those things are included right off the start in this game. The regendered heroes, the four other heroes, Shards of Eternia, and even some fan favorite costumes. The only buyable content in it are emotes like the TF2 taunts.

This version do have quite a bit of differences from the original though. Some changes include:
-The Summoner's minions are buffed a lot more now, at the cost of Minion Units. They now use Defense Units like any other class, but it is WORTH IT as their archers can out DPS the Squire's harpoon
-All classes are rebalance to properly make them all worth using
-All new currency system. Uses coins instead of mana and even low levels can easily get a huge amount of money. Money is now more valuable too this time as it is harder to come by. (High quality armor is worth 50 - 100k each)
-Nightmare mode has become more challenging with elite monsters that have special properties to them
-Player owned taverns are now gone. You can either go to a random public or a private tavern as your hub
-Most of the towers have a reduced cost in Defense units now. Some of them have been buffed to work a bit differently than before.
-Heroes can equip amulets that give them abilities such as summoning a storm, healing other players, lowering the defense of enemies, etc.
-Character customization has been changed a bit. You now have to purchase dyes from the tavernkeep but you also have 6 different parts to color instead of three. Your armor is also shown on your character and can also be realigned to look like other armor. Weapons, pets, and armor can now be revolted as well to make it more personal towards you.
-There is now a crafting system. You have to find blueprints for it. Each blueprint lets you build one item. Sometimes you can find multiple blueprints of the same item allowing you to craft it multiple times. This is especially useful when you find a set for armor pieces with incredibly high stats to let a lot of your characters wear.
-There is no more hosting. If you start a game, an online server will be created. The "hosts" can no longer boot unwanted players off the game, but the game no longer depends on the "host" to keep running. The game will continue so long as there is at least one person on.
-Loot is now player sided. This means that any items you see lying on the ground are yours for the taking. Your allies CAN'T see what you see so go ahead and loot anything you find.

That about sums things up on the major changes. Overall I love Eternity more than the original especially cause of customization. It's on steam for $19.99 and $10.99 for those who own the original up until September 22.

I am also looking for people to play with as well. I got four level 60s and some decent armor in case we want to do Nightmare. But i also made some low levels just cause. My name on there is Hoshiro. Hopefully we can have a bladt when pwning monsters :P

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Ask Alfa And Betta

Yesterday, 02:17 PM

Posted by Gray in MLP:FIM Roleplay

Name: Alfa

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Ocupation: Royal Guard

Appareance: His mane is blonde, fur is white, and his eyes are blue. He appears well built and just over 4 feet.
Name: Betta

Race: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Ocupation: Royal Guard

Appareance: Usually wearing light armor to move around quickly. She wears light clothing over her armor to conceal herself. Her appearance is like Alfa but a little shorter, Blone mane, white fur and green eyes. She always carry with her a long bow, quiver, and knapsack

Character Bio : Alfa and Betta, were born from a family of Unicorns. They joined the royal guards at the age of 18. Their partnership has given both of them the title "The Twins" or "Double Trouble." For most of the time, they keep conversations to themselves. They aren't fond of much socializing. Alfa is mostly a spotter for Betta in case of long ranged targets. Betta always keeps her distance during missions but keeps herself beside her brother most of the time. Alfa can channel his magic to Betta's arrows to become much more powerful.



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Animu Fighter 2014

Yesterday, 01:37 PM

Posted by D!CE in Console Games

Okay, it's not called Animu Fighter 2014, but it SHOULD be called that.


I present to you Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. Play as your favorite anime characters from popular recent animes!


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