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Cow Eating Contest

Today, 07:36 PM

Posted by Dia in Team Fortress 2

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Today, 06:28 PM

Posted by finner500 in Videos

The only time EQG is a positive (aside from when the Ponyborn comes to destroy that world).









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Want To Start Up An Rp, Need Ideas.

Today, 06:21 PM

Posted by BadShot in MLP:FIM Roleplay
We have two atm I know, but one is a little slow (no offense Dusty) and the other has like 3 people in it and I didn't get picked anyway. :awesomecheer:

So anyway, I wanna do one but I'm stumped on ideas, it doesn't have to be strictly MLP related, you guys know I like to incorporate games into them. Pitch anything, if I don't know what it is, I'll find out. I also want to do a stat system rather than storyboard style (Though not as complicated as Linkuser's) so yeah.

(And before anyone asks, my Knights are sitting this one out)

So throw some ideas at me. But not lemons, I'll just throw those back... at your house... after filling them with napalm.

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