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Aethhud V0.9

Today, 08:30 PM

Posted by AethWolf in Team Fortress 2

Still unsure about releasing this thing out into the wider wild of huds.tf/teamfortress.tv, but I think I can manage having it out here on PF2.


Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/RvlCg

GitHub: https://github.com/AethWolf/hud


After bouncing around between omphud and goat_hud and similar HUDs, I finally got frustrated with none of them being quite right for me and rolled my own. It's been about 9 months of off/on work according to GitHub, and it's finally feeling pretty mature. Parts of it, namely the main menu, motd stuff, team selection, and bits of advanced spectator mode were nipped from omphud and goat_hud, and other bits (TargetID and Scoreboard) were inspired by other HUDs.


Let's see...right now, 16:9 is the only aspect ratio I've really tested it in, but I'm guessing it works fine in 16:10, but it's pretty hardcore broken in 5:4 or 4:3 ratios. If someone wants to port it to those aspect ratios, feel free. I can even work it into the master fork if you want. I'm also in the middle of a font replacement. Postface is nice, but it misses a lot of non-alphanumeric characters, so some stuff is kinda wonky, but Adventuring keeps a lot of the feel of the HUD, I think, while providing better lettering.


MvM stuff is really half-assed right now. I need to go over it with a fine-toothed comb and fix it, but it is functional. The worst part might be a massively bucked up scoreboard during it.


The stuff for all of fog's crosshairs is in it. I think konrwings may be on by default in the download. I'll have to check on that. They're all in hudlayout.res at the bottom. Gonna update to v3 of the crosshairs at some point.


Bug reports are nice because there are probably things I've totally forgotten about since I never use them. For example, it was only like a month or two ago that I realized the Manmelter/Frontier Justice crit counter was actually still stock and needed to be fixed.

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Laptop Buying Advice

Today, 04:45 PM

Posted by Tricky The Clown in Tech

I had an accident and my Lenovo L420 laptop died, so i kinda need a new laptop. My budget is around $400 to a max of 599 if its really good laptop offer, i'm a travelling student so i need something that could fit in a 15'' inch backpack. i was also looking it to had a dedicated videocard and to be tough. It would be good that the laptop has a slot for connecting it to the projector and the hdmi slot thingy.


I had an idea of a laptop like this:








Are those options good? beforehand I cant really get a desktop because i travel every week or so and i need a solid laptop to do conferences or study from there and play videogames in vacations if i get a chance.


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What Is Your Favorite Class, And What Do You Really Care About?

Today, 02:27 PM

Tell me about yourself, what do you want to learn in relation to how your class plays in comp, what do you want to get better at, what's your aspirations, and what are you proud of? What do you focus on when you play (in terms of thinking about your aim, or maybe some players think more about positioning and such.)


In other words, what do you play, and what is important to you about your class?

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