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bronies are shit at tf2 - mlp hater

Today, 03:38 AM

Posted by Princess Molestia in Reports
Name: Ponyfortress2.com Hoofington MLP Heroes
Map: cp_gravelpit

Name: Bronies are shit at tf2
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:1:29671172
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Reason: MLP Hater

-Reported By-
Name: Elusive The screwed up
GameMe: http://pf2.gameme.co...AM_0:1:39198789
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Yesterday, 08:41 PM

Posted by Toki Zensekai in PC Games

So a friend of mine mentioned about this application that is currently in closed Beta but will be available this Friday for $10.


So the concept has existed before, but this looks like it'll be really good. But incase you're wondering what it is, if you have a webcam, you can use a 3D model with head, body, and lip recognition instead of your own face. Furry fans rejoice!




Anyway if this gets as popular as I'm hoping, there will no doubt be TF2 Characters added with all the cosmetics to go with it.

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Upcoming Rpg Recruitment Thread: Cries Of The Penumbra

Yesterday, 06:10 PM

Posted by Whirly in MLP:FIM Roleplay

Rumors says the Princess is recruiting ponies for a new division in the Royal Guard, which promises a good rank and a very nice pay, however, besides being too sudden, there hasnt been any recruitments in quite a while, but the as rumour have spreaded all around equestria, ponies quickly ignore the more alarming news: small settlements at the southwest of Equestria have gone silent.


The year is 997 After the Banishment.


Well here's the premise of my upcoming rpg :hithere:


So how will it work? It will be based around this: http://bombch.us/nWV


And, as you noticed, this happens before the return of Nightmare Moon.


The RPG will be based around mistery and some action.


So, if you're interested, i'd need the next:







Character Bio:

Character chart:


also, depending on the outcome of this rpg, i'll make a fanfic based in this, with of course, your previous approval and corresponding credit on your characters :P


BE WARNED: This RPG requires the participants to follow the forums rules, to be active members of the community, have the availability to post in time, and to not unexpectedly leave the rpg without giving before a reason. I won't accept people that just created an account within now and the start of the rpg to participate.

Leave for enough time without posting a reason and you give me the right to gruesome kill your character on creative ways :tantrum:

or just to reeplace him with anyone else's character :P


I'd highly preffer one character per participant but i might allow multiple characters as long is not overwhelming.


I'll give you some weeks to create your characters if you need, and to read the PDF file with the core rules. 


And if i feel like, i might even ilustrate some of the passages so... :hithere:


Expected begining: 2 weeks to 1 month from now.


C'ya :hithere:

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