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A Little Tf2 Problem

Today, 11:01 PM

Posted by Azure Moon in Tech

So, I wanted to do tr_walkway to do some aim training, and when ever I do training mode or create my own server to futz around in if I'm downloading something or watching YT on my phone, I can't barely move at all. If I jump, nothing happens, so I'm just sitting there while I'm in the server. Is this some sort of bug or something? To be fair, the only mods I'm running is the performance mods to speed up TF2 that I got from some links.

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Mumble Being Annoying....again

Today, 09:28 PM

Posted by Akena Raiden in Tech

Okay so last time i tried to download mumble it told me i had to disable my anti virus to complete installing now its asking for 2 more things




I honestly do not feel comfortable disabling 2 programs that are linked to my processor. Any of you tech guys know if anything bad will happen? Im most likely overreacting but like i said i dont like it when a "safe" program asks to shut down features of your computer especially security.

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Forum Downtime Sunday

Today, 06:37 PM

Posted by DragonLight in General
Several attempts to fix the redirect issue haven't work. This was the issue where it redirects to a url4short bad website. The only option we have is to reload the entire website. Sunday morning I'll be working on that. Website may or may not be down for a few hours.

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