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Chowdie's Art Thread

Today, 04:54 PM

Posted by chowdietf2 in Art

Commission Status: Open


Example Pictures (Updated Frequently)





I stab butts and draw, Who knew?


            Anyways, I have decided to make an art thread after so long. To hopefully spread my artwork around and to attract new people. 


 What do i draw?

  • Ponies
  • Anthro Pony
  • Pokemon
  • Anthro Pokemon
  • Other (Sonic, Cartoon characters, Etc)


 Commission Info:

       Icon (Headshots, For profiles)- 4 Keys


        Colored Background - Free

        Complex Background - 1 Keys


       Full body pictures - 10 keys

       Colored Background -Free

       Complex Background - 2 Keys



  • I decide if i want to accept your request or not
  • I will not accept if there is a specific deadline. Art takes time to complete.
  • I will send you a quick sketch of your request before payment. Once you go over it and give me the OK, Then you will trade me. After the exchange, I will not change anything else to the picture. 
  • If you enjoyed your request, picture, Post a +rep on my profile, And share your thoughts in this thread!
  • I only accepted Pure (Metal/Keys) 


If you wish to make a request. Add me on steam!! ---> http://steamcommunity.com/id/Chowdie/

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Ok That Is Too Much Internet For Today

Today, 12:44 PM

Posted by CircuitBreaker in Nintendo

So I was interneting and eventually came across this and I don't even know what to say



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Yesterday, 01:40 PM

Posted by arfy in Introductions

hi i didnt know there was a webstie or a forum im arfy/husky if you cant see or read

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