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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - I'm The Biggest Arse On The Moon

Today, 06:13 PM

Posted by Hoshiro in Music

Unfortunately you don't get to hear that awesome part but at least here's the music :P


And yes I actually recorded the noise from in-game so it doesn't sound flawless but at least you don't hear any annoying noises from in-game that ruin the music.

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Pony Fortress 2: The Nightmare

Today, 05:10 PM

Posted by Demox in MLP:FIM Roleplay

Read topic before voting


Some of you may know that I had originally wanted to make a game with RPG Maker and asked the lot of you to submit characters to be apart of it. To no one's surprise, it never got done and it's been a long time. I severely underestimated the amount of artwork I was going to need to get this off the ground and it just can't be done without an artist. I'm making this topic because not a single day goes by where this horseapple isn't at the back of my head clawing it's way out. The first story arc that everyone is familiar with is completely done, everything is accounted for. However, I've decided to leave it up to a vote to decide what is going to happen with it. Here are the choices you can pick from and their outcomes.


Choice 1: Tell the story.


I was never a good writer, but coming up with story elements, plot twists, character personalities is no problem... describing it in great detail, not my thing. I will throw out the basic outline I had for this story, a more robust character bio for each pony that had been submitted in and I would only detail important plot points. I have a wandering mind and as such I had actually thought up of more story arcs that would go way beyond the first one, introducing another set of heroes, villains, and plot twists.


Choice 2: Turn it in to an RP.


As I said before, I have already thought of everything, it's all done, so changing in to an RP for people to participate in wouldn't be too much effort. All previous submitted characters would be replaced with new minor characters and anyone who had their character chosen for the game can be used again for the RP. In this scenario, the story would be more open, with any of the characters choosing where to go when they want to. But there will be conditions which could end your adventure in to a failure state and I will immediately end the RP. If you decide to participate in this option I highly suggest (but not forced to) you make characters that would actually have some kind of vested interest in saving others. Also because of this new style being more open and using new characters freely, there will be no other arcs, since for me to continue after this story requires certain characters doing specific things, it would be too much effort changing everything beyond it.


Choice 3: Someday, sometime.


Nothing happens. I save the story for a later point in time that I can actually create it for real. All is not lost though, recently I have been working on becoming an artist (not good enough to show anyone so don't ask) so that maybe someday I can not only code the game but draw all the art for it as well. It will be a long time before I can do that, but I will make the game exactly as I want it to be seen.

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troll2 - disrespecting players

Today, 04:06 PM

Posted by Guest_pf2molestia_* in Reports

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