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Mc Offline For A Couple Weeks.

Today, 12:30 PM

Posted by DragonLight in Minecraft
In order to run the extra TF2 server people wanted this month for Xmas and because it was seldom used since everything was pretty built out the MC server is off for a couple weeks. It'll return early January, and I believe Bukkit finally updated for 1.8, I'll do a poll to see if people want a new world set up or not. If people want a new world the old one will be available for download as always.

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Ugc Polls

Today, 12:17 AM



Sign in with Steam and vote. Vote in the community poll if you're not rostered, and vote in both if you are rostered. I'm hoping this leads to improvements across the community.

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Performance Nights

Yesterday, 06:48 PM

Posted by TenderHearts in Suggestions

Greetings! I have been thinking about more things that as a community we could do. We have been growing I believe, considering the steam group is over 6k and forums over 3k. Now I was wondering how much Interest people/ponies would have with a sorta performance night. The Idea is, that if anyone plays any instruments, draws, animates or such, they could maybe on Saturdays, live stream for all the other ponies to watch or listen. The way I would see it working is anyone interested could state what they do and when they would like to stream, as well as supply a link to said stream, on a forum thread, or maybe message who ever would be running it. Then that person would make some sorta schedule, then post it on the forum or if there is a way, add it onto the steam calender. Personally I have been enjoying it when I have someone watch me play guitar, and would not mind trying a stream sometime, or let others watch me animate. If It became a popular event, we could do it more often and such. No idea how much interest this would have, and hope it was not suggested a long time ago or something already. Also Happy holidays even though its still a tad early!

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