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Ice Bucket Challenge

Today, 05:27 PM

Posted by FiveIron in General

One of our listeners got us.  Now I'm throwing the challenge at DragonLight, My Little Sentry and Somberguy.


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What If Google Bought Steam?

Today, 01:32 PM

Posted by Somberguy in Oats

This will most likely never happen but What if Google bought Steam from Valve 

what would happen? 
what changes would Google make?
what would your reaction be? 

If this happened I would lose all faith in humanity 

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Digistruck Peak (Borderlands 2)

Today, 04:51 AM

Posted by D!CE in PC Games

Hello. I was just wondering if anyone else has any level 72 characters in Borderlands 2. I actually know of only one person who has a level 72 besides myself, was interested in doing the Digistruck Peak quest with people. Would be super swell and probably fun with a group. And super hard, but whatever. And loot. LOOT.

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