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Crusader Kings 2: Names Are Magic

Today, 04:10 PM

Posted by AaronMk in PC Games

So I'mma settle something for everyone but the one guy who is dimly aware of what CK2 is.


Crusader Kings 2 is a grand strategy game by Paradox Interactive, focused on the Middle Ages in Europe (and India with the inclusion of Rajas of India). The game pits you in control of a feudal dynastic family and charges you to simply survive the political landscape. Whether that it is to maintain your rank or to ascend to the status of Emperor of the given land(s).


And an option of the game is to name character's born to your house. So long as they're born in your court. Whether it be yours or a unlanded son siring a child while they're at court.


This often leads to me replacing the culturally correct given names to wild and irrelevant names for humor's sake. So far I've been bidding my time with giving people pony names, or offensive names. But I'm always looking to expand my repertoire. Which is why I'm turning to the forum here: if you'd let me I'll name a character after your username and (if I remember) give a break down of that character's life as I witness it.


This may no doubt turn into a lot of broken dreams and dark humor as the game no doubt spins into the madness it evolves into.



Currently I'm running a game as the Tulunids of Egypt from the Old Gods start date (867 AD). I'm something like eighty years away from the new millennium. Provided this dynasty doesn't crash and burn I should be able to set loose a line of PF2 users who'v volunteered their usernames to no doubt later see murdered by one of their brothers. That is if the whole thing doesn't implode on me and the Tulunid's already wild decadence doesn't cripple the kingdom before I can form the Empire of Abyssinia.

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Rate The Song

Today, 01:08 AM

Posted by AaronMk in Music

So flipping through Oats and here I don't think I've seen a thread like this, so I'll do the honors and throw this out.


Rules are simple: rate the song from the post above you, give a reason why if you want to be cool. Post a song yourself. That gets rated, cycle continues until thread death.


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Hey There!

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

Posted by C.T.R.Lee in Introductions

Hi! My name's C.T.R.Lee, and I am a 20 years old university student from Hong Kong who is now studying in Canada. Yep. I am just your typical Asian guy, but bronies in Hong Kong are pretty rare, and I happened to be one of them. 


I happened to stumble upon this very server by luck when I was searching for a TF2 server to play on, and I am glad that I do because I became a brony this April. Asides from ponies and TF2, I am also a Sonic fan, as well as enjoying stuff like drawing (ponies,vehicles,Sonic), reading, and playing sports.


TF2 wise, I main Scout and Soldier, and occationally Medic if there are no one playing Medic.


My username is an acronym of my name in real life, while in steam it's the same, but I added Metal Sonic Rainboom at the end of it. It's just a word play on both of my favorite fandom (Metal Sonic, from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Rainboom).


It's really a pleasure to meet all of you here! And if you want my Steam, feel free to message me. 

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