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Looking For A Haunted Sniper Soul

28 October 2012 - 03:00 PM

I have a spare Haunted demoman soul i am trading for a sniper haunted soul.

Add me if you are interestd. steam profile in signature.

Ugc Server Giveaway

24 October 2012 - 02:20 PM

UGC is giving away three 19 slot servers for this upcoming season. All paid for from January til April 2013 this includes mumble as well which covers regular season + playoffs if you make it that far. I’ll even help and show you how to install maps, configs, etc.

-Only teams in Euro Steel, NA Iron, NA Steel, and new teams that are joining next season are eligible
-Apply only if you don’t have a server or you’ve been asking UGC for one this past season or seasons
-Apply only if your team plays highlander more than once a week

Please post the following if your interested
Team Name:
Steam Group:

Thread can be found here.
Maybe some of the iron teams need a server? I think some of them share CC. i may be worng tho.

Holy Bananas

22 September 2012 - 04:49 PM

So, there is this thing called TF2 Free 4 All Tournament 2012 hosted by eGO which is going on right now.

I am palying it and i made it trought the first three stages. I am in the top 12.

I am so hyped that i made this post! now its the MGE stage wish me luck! :D

Stream -> http://es-es.twitch.tv/extvesports

Looking For Ftl

16 September 2012 - 02:30 PM

I am looking to tarde TF2 items for FTL

I currently have:
  • 10.5 refined
  • Spare hats i dont wear (Tam o' Shanter, Carouser's Capotain, Scotch Bonnet, Professional's Panama, Gentleman's Gatsby and L'inspecteur)
Keys are currently 2.5 ref as i've been told by Deathy.

So my offer is to tarde 4 keys in mteal (10 ref) for the game. The game is currently 10% off but i'll pay the full price anyways sicne... well.... i am tarding pixels for money.

If you decide to take hats as part of the payment; i have no clue how much they are worth. They are all clean and crafteable.

Thanks i nadvance to the kind sould who accepts this offer.

News On Ugc Site Downtime

30 August 2012 - 10:26 AM

Update Aug 29, 2012

The Short Version:
Please wait a few more days, and we are pushing season start back one week to Sept 17th/Sept 19th.

The Long Version:
UGC League has been facing a hosting company downtime lasting 7 days. Our hosting company, nexpoint.net has had a catastrophic outage, resulting in their entire operation dropping offline. The only fix they could manage was to physically move their entire server base to a new datacenter. Every dedicated server, every co-hosted server they manage is being moved to a new datacenter. The reasons for this can only be imagined, but it is perhaps the worst situation I have ever seen related to web hosting.

We have found a new web host, and moved all of our files and operations. But as a data driven website, we are hoping we can reclaim our current team and user data from nexpoint prior to repointing the domain to our new host location. If we are able to do that, we can return to full operation with as little consequence to players as possible. We will wait a few more days to see if that can be managed, because it is worth waiting for.

But in the end the recovery of current data may not be possible, in that case we will be forced to use data from the end of July. A 3 week gap will result, so teams who made changes in that period may have to redo those changes. IF we do use July 2012 data, all the new teams who joined will have to be inserted, we can do that manually, though we wil have to reset those leaders passwords and they will have to rebuild their team rosters.

So two possible outcomes by this weekend:

1. We return to operation with current data
2. OR we return to operations with 3 week old data.

We should know by this weekend.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding. -Fornaught
UGC Admin

TL;DR changes made to roosters and teams registered after July 1st may have to be re added/created and stuff.

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